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Arlington Amateur Radio Club

Arlington County, Virginia USA

An Affiliate Club of the American Radio Relay League

Celebrating 40 Years

Purpose: To further promote the popularity, goodwill, recognition and respect of our hobby both within our fraternalism and the community, and to so conduct our Club meetings and activities in a manner which will serve to the best interest of Amateur Radio. (From the club Constitution).

Field Day 2019 Was a Blast

Weather could not have been more perfect at the Field Day 2019 encampment of the Alexandria Radio Club, which Arlington Amateur Radio Club members attended. So why were operators in screened tents treated to sudden horizontal driving blasts of water in the midnight hour? The cause was anthropogenic: the automated sprinkler system turned on.

Alexandria Radio Club Field Day 2019 Chair Don KI4D has posted some photos on this site. There's a link on the Alexandria Radio Club home page.


We meet monthly. The time, place and location vary. Please revisit this page for the latest info. You do not have to be a member or licensed amateur to attend.

Next (February) Meeting

The next regular meeting will be February 18 (a third Tuesday) at the Knights of Columbus Chapter House, 5115 Little Falls Road, Arlington, VA 22207.

The complete address and phone information for the Knights of Columbus Chapter House is:
Edward Douglass White Council
5115 Little Falls Road
Arlington, VA 22207-1811
The meeting begins at 7 pm. Members and guests may arrive as early as 5:30 pm to eat and dine at the bar and grill or order food and drink. The menu is here.

Coming Hamfests

About W4WVP Repeaters

The W4WVP 2-meter repeater is located in Arlington County and utilizes several remote receivers. This repeater is open for general amateur use. It transmits on 145.47 MHz and receives on 144.87 MHz. A subaudible PL (CTCSS) tone of 107.2 Hz is required on your 144.87 MHz signal to access it.

The W4WVP 70-cm repeater, donated by member Dennis Welch, WB7VUM, is also located in Arlington County and is open for general amateur use. It transmits on 449.325 MHz and receives on 444.325 MHz. A subaudible PL (CTCSS) tone of 151.4 Hz is required on your 444.325 MHz signal to access it.

Both repeaters are coordinated by T-MARC, the Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council. You can find information on these and other repeaters in the area on the T-MARC website.

Weekly Bulletin & Net

Listen to bulletins of interest to the Amateur Radio Service from Newsline on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM ET (except for meeting nights), on the W4WVP 2-meter repeater. Check-ins follow the newscast.

All licensed amateurs are invited to check into the net. More information is at this link.


Office Name Call
President Gary Sessums KC5QCN
Vice President Doug Marshall KK4QFR
Secretary Paul Wilson KI4PW
Treasurer Jack Person W2JWP
Activities Chairman Vacant N0CALL

Contact Information

You can mail club officers at w4wvp [at] or make your inquiry on our weekly net. Discussions also take place online.

For general information on the Amateur Radio Service, and to learn how you can become a radio amateur, see our Amateur Radio page.