Arlington Amateur Radio Club

Arlington County, Virginia USA

Join the Arlington Amateur Radio Club

Thank you for your interest in joining the Arlington Amateur Radio Club. You can apply for membership by E-mail, or by printing the information below and sending it to a club officer, or by bringing it to a club meeting.

Membership dues are $10.00 per year.

Applications are presented to the club membership at the next meeting following their submission, and then voted on at the subsequent meeting.

Information Required

Callsign if any
Postal Code
E-mail Address
Will you join our Yahoo Group upon membership?   Yes / No
Are you an ARRL Member?   Yes / No

Comments: Please let us know any comments you have that are relevant to your application. Have you operated with any W4WVP members in the past? Participated in club nets or attended meetings? Are you FEMA certified?

Contact Information

You can mail club officers at w4wvp [at] or make your inquiry on our weekly net. Discussions also take place on our public mailing list and on our members-only Yahoo Group mailing list.

For general information on the Amateur Radio Service, and to learn how you can become a radio amateur, see our Amateur Radio page.